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  • The Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) is a technology used in certain computer operating systems for programs that need to, among other things, analyze network traffic.It provides a raw interface to data link layers, permitting raw link-layer packets to be sent and received.
  • This talk gives a brief introduction to the eBPF awesomeness and the mainstream way of tracing using the eBPF Compiller Collection, which works so well for data centers, then examines the hurdles which must be overcome to get it working on embedded devices (portability problems, kernel headers and build issues, size constraints and so on).
  • Jul 06, 2013 · Background In one of previous posts here, I argued that there is no need for Openflow controller to realize virtual networks.In the same post, I also mentioned that Openflow controller is required if intelligent traffic redirection is required to realize features such as network service chaining and advanced traffic visualization.
  • After fine-tuning all DPDK parameters, achieved the following performance improvements in OvS-DPDK – TCP Connection: 93. This document answers the most frequently asked questions related to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) from a beginner level. A poll mode driver (pmd) thread handles the I/O of all DPDK interfaces assigned to it.
  • VPP when connected to DPDK for network I/O has shown to perform two orders of magnitude faster than currently available open source options implementing switching or routing workloads, reaffirming one of the core principles of FD.io: a focus on performance.
  • ebpf security, Sep 28, 2020 · Deno is a runtime for JavaScript applications. Deno is written in Rust, which changes the security properties of it. Parts of Deno are also written in TypeScript, which are causing problems in the compilation and organization of Deno.
  • P4 vs. eBPF: Com-parison of Expressiveness, Use Cases and Performance P4 programming language P4 is a programming language intended to de-scribe the behavior of packet processing systems. P4 was introduced in 2014 and can be used to define entirely new networks with new protocols which behave differently from the networks we cur-rently use.
  • The presentation introduces some of the design reasoning behind DPDK (and others), e.g. hugepages usage, core affinitization, polling vs batching vs interrupt-driven, prefetching and lock-free data structures. false Marco Varlese 2019-04-05T08:30:00-05:00 13:30 00:45 openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3 Long Talk 2312-network-boot-in-a-zero-trust ...
  • DPDK support for new hw offloads eBPF offload BPF: Berkeley Packet Filter (tcpdump, libpcap, netfilter) Kernel executes BPF programs via in-kernel virtual machine eBPF: extended BPF. Sockets filtering and tracing (since 3.18) Attaching eBPF programs to kernel TC classifier (since 4.1) XDP: eXpress Data Path
  • DPDK (kernel or userspace) ... Integrate arbitrary code, via eBPF/P4. Integrate external code, e.g. kernel conntrack, NAT. Integrate into pipelines of middleboxes ...
  • Objectron is a dataset of short, object-centric video clips. In addition, the videos also contain AR session metadata including camera poses, sparse point-clouds and planes.
  • Jun 01, 2020 · p4c-ubpf vs. other BPF-related compilers. Compared to other compilers from P4 to BPF, p4c-ebpf generates programs for the Linux TC subsystem and p4c-xdp targets the XDP kernel hook, whereas p4c-ubpf generates user-space code. There are several differences in functionality that these P4 backends support.
  • Jan 13, 2020 · Intel Labs Open Mobile Evolved Core (OMEC) Enabling 5G w/ Open Source ITU-T Net2030 Focus Group –Lisbon –Jan. 13, 2020 Christian Maciocco Principal Engineer, Director of Telecom Systems Research –Intel Labs
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Touchpad button not working ubuntuP4 vs eBPF/XDP Feature P4 eBPF/XDP Level High Low Safe Yes Yes Safety Type system Verifier Loops In parsers Tail calls (dynamic limit) Resources Statically allocated Statically allocated Policies Tables (match+action) Maps (tables) Extern helpers Target-specific Hook-specific Control-plane API Synthesized by compiler eBPF maps 9
Jul 13, 2015 · P4.org website. by Ben Pfaff. Open vSwitch (“OVS”) is a virtual switch that is commonly used with Linux-based hypervisors such as KVM and Xen, although it supports other environments too such as FreeBSD and Hyper-V. Surveys have reported that OVS is the most popular networking plugin for the widely adopted OpenStack cloud management system.
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  • <p> An interview with Alessandro Pilotti of Cloudbase, which Alessandro describes as the company that takes care of everything related to Microsoft technologies in OpenStack. eBPF. eBPF-lwn-740157 eBPF 简史 learn eBPF tracing. Linux tracing. Tracing: no shortage of options choosing-a-linux-tracer linux-performance-analysis-perf-tools.html sysdig-vs-dtrace-vs-strace-a-technical-discussion dynamic-tracing kernel-tracing-with-eBPF linux-tracing-systems. 本文作者:arstercz. 转载来源(阅读原文可直达):
  • Как мы сделали свой собственный Netfilter с Intel DPDK и префиксными деревьями Александр Самойлов Linux Netfilter лежит в основе огромного количества МСЭ, как открытых, так и коммерческих.
  • Support for DPDK poll mode and event mode drivers. VPP and ODP support on top of DPDK. Kernel hooks provided for XDP and eBPF. SDK support for tight integration with Marvell® Switch API and NIC device driver software.

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rdma vs dpdk dpdk. dpdk网络层: 硬件中断->放弃中断流程; 用户层通过设备映射取包->进入用户层协议栈->逻辑层->业务层;
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Linux 5 introduced io_uring and really locked down and expanded eBPF; The Full Monty: A Theory of UNIX Servers. We must mix and match: Many event sources, of multiple types and possibly various triggering mechanisms (edge- vs level-triggered): Socket descriptors, pipes
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Sep 01, 2016 · Even if it does not make it to the core of DPDK, eBPF, and in particular AF_XDP, using XDP programs to redirect packets to user space sockets, can be used to create a poll-mode driver (PMD) for DPDK. Sysdig , a tool for universal system visibility with native support for containers , now supports eBPF as an instrumentation back end .
  • DPDK support for new hw offloads eBPF offload BPF: Berkeley Packet Filter (tcpdump, libpcap, netfilter) Kernel executes BPF programs via in-kernel virtual machine eBPF: extended BPF. Sockets filtering and tracing (since 3.18) Attaching eBPF programs to kernel TC classifier (since 4.1) XDP: eXpress Data Path <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"><h3 style="text-align: left;">Forcing Packet to go through Wire using Two Ports of Same Card or 2 NIC on Single ...
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  • Der Xfce-Desktop gilt landläufig als minimalistischer und Ressourcen-schonender Vertreter seiner Gattung. Vermutlich kommt er deshalb meist optisch und funktional eher wenig ansprechend vorkonfiguriert daher, um dessen Einsatzfähigkeit auch noch auf besonders schwachbrüstigen Hardwareplattformen zu gewährleisten.
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  • eBPF hook from userspace to kernel space VM vs Container - Comparison and Coexistence eBPF Implementation and flows Network Virtualization and Test Setup L2 Forwarding with DPDK • VM is abstraction of hardware with full hardware stack, virtualized network adapters, memory and CPU. • Multiple VMs can be instantiated by a hypervisor running on
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  • 使用或者开发过DPDK,tc,智能网卡或者ebpf相关程序。 设计并开发过大规模系统和平台。 有过开源项目贡献经验。 曾经在网络顶级会议发表过文章,例如NSDI,SIGCOMM等。 对于网络运维和操作有一定经验。 15.Building block for P4 P4 vs eBPF/XDP is the wrong attitude Instead compile your P4 code into eBPF and run it with XDP Talk on this approach by William Tu (VMware): P4C-XDP: Programming the Linux Kernel Forwarding Plane using P4 - Jesper Dangaard Brouer <[email protected]> & Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <[email protected]> 15
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  • rdma vs dpdk dpdk. dpdk网络层: 硬件中断->放弃中断流程; 用户层通过设备映射取包->进入用户层协议栈->逻辑层->业务层;
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